Friday, October 25, 2013

To The Bin 1

To the bin is pretty much as logical as it sounds. It's a series of anime or any form of media I guess that didn't pique my interest and so I have discontinued watching it. Note that I watched the show first before deciding and not just from a first impression. So, you won't be expecting reviews of these shows, anime in this case, any time soon!


Walkure Romanze

Panty shots and sexual innuendo galore! It has an alright story but it's quite predictable and it's thesame cast of harem characters all over again. The animation is mediocre at it's best.

Wanna Be The Strongest In The World

I have to say the wrestling perspective is different but it's the same as Walkure in terms of abusing the genre if they could find anything sexual to exploit. Half of the show is literally the girls screaming in pain and agony. DO NOT WATCH THIS WITHOUT HEADPHONES ON!

Photo Kano

The 1st episode really didn't grab my attention. It seems like this show is also of the Harem genre. I don't know, maybe the Harem life isn't for me. Except for the Monogatari series and Tenchi Muyo it seems like this genre just has the same types of characters all over which is the submissive, feminine like male character who gets all the girls ranging from the little cute bishojo to the agressive, busty, female character.

Sekerei & Highschool DxD

Do I even have to explain this one?!If you're going to watch for the plot, then CROSS THESE OUT


So it's these set so far I guess. I am still watching Infinite Stratos and it is also a Harem yet the animations and the story are decent enough to keep me watching.
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