Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anime Review: Tenchi in Tokyo

GENRE: Fantasy/Harem

CREATOR/STUDIO: Kajishima Masaki/AIC





SUMMARY: Tenchi is now in college, studying in order to take over the family shrine, and the girls now have to adjust to life without him.But now a new girl named Sakuya has entered the picture, as well as Yugi, a supernatural being who has mysterious plans for the two.

REVIEW: This series is the first nail in the coffin for the Tenchi Muyo franchise, but you'll notice I rated it a wee bit higher than the next debacle, which was Tenchi Muyo GXP, because at least it had a better ending than GXP.

At first, it seems so promising because it's a good concept. We've seen the girls and Tenchi living in the same house for two series before this, plus three movies, so there is potential for the new direction. But it doesn't take long to realize something is off.The girls seem more annoying than they should be. Then, not too far in, I saw something that really ruined things: the whole concept had been retconned once more.Why? I'm sure the story would've worked had they kept the continuity from Tenchi Universe. And why is Ryo-Ohki a giant rabbit mech instead of a spaceship? It's just not right.

Unless you're curious about this, it's almost worthless. I have no problem with Sakuya, she's an interesting character.What I have a problem with is what happened to the rest of the cast.It's almost like they made the characters weaker to make Yugi a stronger villain, which wasn't necessary.FUNimation brought this back from Geneon's archives, but I feel it should've stayed buried.

SUB/DUB: Not bad. The original dub's cast is back, and the same for the sub.

MUSIC/SCORE: Pretty good here too, except for the closing theme.

VIOLENCE: (4/10) Just magical violence and slapstick.

LANGUAGE: (2/10)

NUDITY: (3/10)-Surprisingly not as heavy in the nudity as the rest of the franchise.

SEXUALITY: (2/10)-Light here too.

RELIGION: (1/10)-Yugi is a demon and Tenchi's family practices Shintoism.

RELATED MEDIA: There is the original OVA, Tenchi Universe (The first TV series), a manga, and three movies.
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