Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

Hmmhave i been watching too much anime recently?.....NOPE lets continue!

So many pretty girls!

So i decided to watch some harem anime this time, and i can say that i feel delighted after watching this. I love the mix of fantasy and fighting action but hey! The romance is pretty good too! This is actually a spin-off from Tenchi Muyo! but i decided to just watch this.

This anime is actually rated R17 but before you go running to your burrow or calling me a pervert, this anime isn't really that bad. Sure there are some nude scenes and maybe a little (or alot) sexual innuendo here and there....but i've seen worse in some of the PG13 ecchi animes. Compared to that, this one is like wearing bloomers down at the beach.

Okay, maybe that was a bad visual but you get my point.

Kay moving on.

This series is about a boy who is seemingly transported from an alternate world into the current one. There he receives orders to assassinate the Queen....who is a twelve year old girl. Riding on a battle machine called "Seikishi" he attacks the ship (floating island?) along with his mysterious captors who promised to send him back if he managed to kill the queen.

However they fail when a hidden body guard disrupts their plan, and as the boy, Kenshi, corners the queen, he gives up because he refuses to kill someone. The queen becomes interested in him, and takes him in.

Well thats the lowdown, but i love how this anime manages to throw in comedy that is genuinely funny. Not like other crappy fanservice animes which just make jokes out the girl's chest and or butt.

The plot is also quite good and i found that it became more enjoyable after the first few episodes. Not to mention that they also have some really hot girls. Hey, seeing several pretty faces won't hurt. And while we are also on the subject, i proclaim my self as a fan of mexiah and lashara!

PLOT: Interesting and funny. But most episodes were about him adjusting to life at the other world. Bah who cares i love it. 8/10

CHARACTERS: Too many characters but many of them are pretty cute. Unfortunately, doesn't explain much of Kenshi's past. Kenshi is so goddamned cute and innocent! 7/10

GRAPHICS: Love how the seikishi is drawn. 7/10


Well see you next time Zamasu!
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