Monday, July 15, 2013

One week normal, one week pictures, the crazy never ends (DA 6.16.13)

Anime comments: Started watching Tenchi muyo! War on geminar but I could tell from the opening that I wouldn't be able to focus on it I'm not sure if it was me or hulu but everything looked blurry lenses when it came to the artwork. I need to watch more anime its hard when the shows are online and not on TV. Speaking of anime on TV Digimon is back on Nicktoons!!!! DIGIMON SEASON 1 IS ON NICKTOONS!! Right now they are going though part one with the demonmon but its not that bad (Matt almost freezing to death?) but i'm holding out for the myotismon arc which I think is the better then of course piedmon

Art: I'm being lazy with scanning pictures I should get on that ^^;

TV/ Korra comments: Korra comments first I saw some sneak peek stuff on tumblr. Ffffheshjfskdhkj OMGOSH!!! I think the animation improved even more so, the art looks amazing, the everything looks amazing I. CAN'T. WAIT!!! I really hope it is This saturday that would be awesome. My comments about shows online are the same as the anime ones. I have a joint hulu account I haven't played on yet that I really should as well as apply the one week rule to shows on the internet as well (though seeing as I have 118 episodes of many different things not counting 3rd rock from the sun with 139 episodes 0o) one week may not be enough really. 3rdrock from the sun might be a 4 or 5 episodes only just due to how much of it there is. Watched a bit of "twisted" on ABC family but once the shirts came off I was like "no thank you" I didn't know the characters well enough in that short 20 min and the practical rape and peer pressure it was just to much and to uncomfortable. I can see why the show had a viewer disgression advized before hand on it. ABC Family has gone down hill since cancleing Kyle XY in 2009 it just fell apart and has to much of what I can't stand (caty girls, sex talks, jerk jocks, etc) At least in Defiance the characters are ADULTS so it doesn't feel wrong on all levels.

Other: DA is doing a thing where you can post your week in art (3 pictures only) see here: Which I might do next week. I'm not sure how I feel about show casing peoples art like this though I guess since it atomaticlly links then its no problem. You'll hear though type on the 30th how the week was in case you don't get it though pictures (or in case there is more to add). I plan on reviewing how I feel about the "Ever after high" dolls, my current thoughts on "monster high" and these new guys called "Zelfs". I'm getting blood taken tomarow but you'll hear more about that next week and the week after. I have projects to work on and books to read this should be exciting.


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