Friday, December 20, 2013

No ideas//Idea-less

So my title this time is pushing it a little bit. However, if you ever get the references I make to the somewhat "middle ground" culture then as always give yourself a hug from me. It isn't often that people get my jokes.

Boo hoo.

Anyway, today has been a fun day of sitting in bed, listening to/searching for music, swallowing food whole and getting some work done on a certain LP that will be popping up next year maybe.

As far as the music goes I found another artist/album that I like a lot. I had been listening to "Hospice" by Antlers a little earlier in this month and it lead, indirectly of course, to Now, Now. I don't usually gravitate towards "Indie" music, as I have a few opinions on how we label things today in society and some groups usually just want to live up to the genre and not make original music filled with emotion, passion and anything else that is derived from the soul of a human being. It seems that indie, emo, screamo and hardcore are thrown around a lot without knowing what they really mean. I don't want to get into this, but just know that I mentioned in a previoushow I am taking my head out of my ass and enjoying all music equally. Call me ignorant, blind, tasteless or what have you but I am not building walls around a certain genre and isolating myself for any specific reason any more.

With that said, whatever the origins of Now, Now are, they don't matter to me. I am enjoying this particular album very much. It reminds me of Tegan and Sarah a little bit and maybe a dash of some American Football if I may be so bold. Over all it has kept me company in my bed whilst I surf the internet today. if you'd like.

To wrap things up here allow me to say that in myI had mentioned how I was finishing Tenchi Muyo off and I was going to start a new show. Well, I finished it. I also wrote around three pages about how I felt during the whole thing. I may summarize it in a new post or even just lay it on you in full, but before I do either of those it needs some revisions. Also, the new anime I will be checking out has yet to be decided [sort of]. I had an idea of what I wanted to watch, and then I realized what I actually had lined up to watch, and how what I wanted to watch would be better suited for when I do some other things in the near future and it is complicated. Just know I will either make a post about it before I start, after I start or when I finish it. Either one of those three is a guarantee!
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