Friday, December 20, 2013

"You've won boy"

An earlier mentioned how I am getting back into anime. Well, I finished the first season of Ah! My Goddess. It was as expected. I found a legit stream of the second season and I actually want to re-watch that as well. However, the point of this post is about Tenchi Muyo. I remembered so little about this show that I mixed up the actual sequence of episodes. I thought Episode 6, which I just finished, was the end. Most likely due to Toonami airing shit either out of order, or on a schedule I couldn't adhere to so my recollection of this anime is of the mixed up re-runs. ANYWAY, I finished episode 6 and it was even more insane and fucking awesome than I remember it! HOLY SHIT! There were explosions and swords and glowing colors, blues and greens to be exact, and space ships and emotion! Some real emotion actually snuck its way past the awful voice acting. As I finished episode 6, what truly stood out was how well I remembered Ryoko's scream. She had been my favorite character for such a long time, and this has revived that feeling. She was so awesome in the first 6 episodes. So unstable, so mindless and violent but simultaneously focused and in control. She was the kind of crazy remorseless character that only thought twice when faced with her love interest and, for a show with such AWFUL english dubs, she displayed all those traits with some raw emotion. I really think her voice actress did the best job conveying the character. Enough fanboying. So the awesome ass conclusion to what I had thought Tenchi Muyo was leads me to finish the rest of the episodes in their intended order and I have a feeling it becomes an actionless harem at this point what I remember and my advanced anime background pave the way to that conclusion. I have a few screenshots of the final moments I want to post in a gallery here so I can remember the awesome pseudo-finale, or at least the parts that stood out to me tho most.

Damn, it was great to get this far in this anime and I do look forward to rest for the sake of nostalgia. After this I get to talk about all the other stuff I have to catch up on, or even new stuff that I have been looking at!

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