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nicolaknits Yes, there has been progress! I have mostly been keeping to my resolution to knit a little bit on this coat every day. One day (the second one after the resolution!) NICOLA KNITS


Sifu Z Neil shows Joe some real martial arts. Funny and scary that many folks think of Joe as an intellectual. Wow America. Multiple knock outs. Very nice. FIGHT PORN

sesshu Let me know if you find it, that poem I was thinking about last night (like pigeons flapping, cooing and mating on the air conditioner on the other side of the wall) ... East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines

Gallivanta About a fortnight ago, I wrote of my excitement at harvesting my first few stalks from the rhubarb that grows, in the big blue pot, at my back door. I think my delight ... silkannthreades

Anish Eapen This is fiction and to be enjoyed as such. This is part of the regular series - Team Up. I wrote up the English story while the Malayalam poem was written by ... Pothli Baba Ki

Political Gifs Post navigation.Previous. Me thinking about a Pope that doesn't judge gay people and doesn't like rich people. Image. Posted on September 29, 2013 by ... Political Gifs

Deannah Robinson Click to visit the original post. I didn't make this Magic Eye (for that, you can thank, but I did saturate it to add a little pop to it. Growing ... From Slacker To Scribe

Melissa WHAT'S UP?! As you may have noticed, I kind of dropped off the face of Earth from late August up until this week. Soooo many things going on. As of mid-August ... The Feminist Texican [Reads]

ukmaryanne So I saw that PL will have a new kit, exclusive to Home Shopping Network in the USA, that will include some interesting changes - it will have 2x2 and 4x4 ... scrappystickyinkymess

davehpt Maaaaaaaaan I can't believe it. I'm sitting in front of the tv getting hydrated before training the other day, and an ad comes on for "the NEW Atkins diet". What? Lose Weight, No Bullshit

thefrugalcrafter Howdy folks! I had a great time shopping at Hobby Lobby with friends on Friday. There is something about that "new store smell" a 50% off sale and being in a ... Thefrugalcrafter's Weblog

LilRed So much has been going on with my life and I have been struggling. Nothing seems as though it will be alright again. It's bizarre because I go quiet and sit in a ... A Day in the Life with Bipolar

tomaskvergis Land in Manapakkam near porur behind DLF 110 by 310 approximate dimension. Will be able to provide other details at later stages. Ask for TSSA 110 by 310 ... tomaskvergis's Blog

JP Kuehlwein If you live in New York City - or anywhere else hip - you will likely have heard about the 'Cronut' by now. Maybe you have even lined-up to try to get one - or a ... classified

markscheppmann Why does this feel like a prelude to Armageddon?Maybe kids don't need food, we have android phones they can watch food on thefood channel.That really gets ... Schepp's Blog

Phoenix Woman A collection of links on the subject of the looming GOP-forced government shutdown: -- Your False-Equivalence Guide to the Days Ahead, by James Fallows. Mercury Rising

thuylestudio Web . Graphic Design. Creative Works . Fine Art. Photography. Business Communication. thuylestudio

unkleE I have several times posted here and elsewhere about relationships between christians and atheists, and my wish that we do better at this, for example: ... the Way?

mikestasse Click to visit the original post. My definition of maturity is the ability to be resolute in doing something challenging now which will improve our lives in the future. Damn the Matrix

Josh When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, "Go away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!" Let my prayer be set forth in your sight as incense ... The Daily Office East

Dr. Boli A view on the Squaw Run in Fox Chapel, just as fall begins. Father Pitt

benjaminhodge Original link: KS lawmaker alleges ... Benjamin B. Hodge -- Economic conservative from Overland Park, KS

rjapa1906 My fitbit #Fitstats for 9/28/2013: 18805 steps and 8.5 miles traveled. Haywood "RJ" Jackson's Blog

stanleyysuen Why do girls love snooping around and going through all your shit, but hate to admit it? toosuen

alisueonthemove My fitbit #Fitstats for 9/28/2013: 13480 steps and 5.5 miles traveled. alisueonthemove

kenadeniji To determine how many arguments were passed to a function? Check the length, of the array like arguments variable, arguments.length. To determine, how ... Ken Adeniji's Blog

Suez A satirical video features Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin and television host Juhi Pandey explaining why ... World of Misogynism

createmusic Ari Kopel 37 videos Ari discusses Light and Darkness, giving examples of aspects of each and the qualities of each in humanity. The definition of "Work" in the ... Higher Density Blog

KiaJ I could have been a daddy's girlBut he never stuck around long enoughfor me to find out if I really could,I stood in the light of day and watchedHis form flicker ... Voil

Paula I'm not a fan of Winter. The cold, the dreariness, and the short days are hard to deal with when you have depression. And depression is hard to manage when it ... CasKal

Editor Stupidity on Steroids If you can handle a couple hundred dick jokes, half as many jizz jokes, quite a few male on male sex jokes and the Apocalypse, then you're ... Political Film Blog

seeingthestoke It's been a string of full days so, briefly:Day 5:Thing #1: Coming back home over the bridge, stuck briefly in rush hour crawl with a perfect view of the most ... Seeing the Stoke

awalsh2012 Deliveries of this startling looking hypercar are due for late September but a few are already terrorising the streets. Cars On the Net

uraniacoumis 1. List of Resources for pharma MNC. compared to a traditionally generics provider. This analysis, probably biased, flawed and far from complete, is intended as ... Urania's Branding

victoryoverdepression Parables on Prayer In the gospel of Luke, Chapter 18, Jesus uses two examples on the importance of prayer and the correct motivation to pray. Prayer is much ... Victory Over Depression Blog

rebeccaforrest Eeek! I'm really bad at remembering to do this series! I guess I have the excuse of moving to Texas that took up the majority of my summer :) I showed you some ... Making Life Beautiful

greatpoetrymhf See on - FREE HUgZ - sharing of inspiration and miraclesArtist Carmen Haakstad Mission statmentThis photo of my immediate family standing in front ... Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog

Yatin Dhareshwar Of the 87 hymns in Mandala V, 79 are composed by members of the Atri family and therefore, this Mandala is referred to as the Atri family book. Family-wise ... The Rig Veda Civilization

wanggo So, I started working at ABS-CBN Foundation, under their project The Green Initiative. I keep talking about the new job I have that pays my bills and it's about ... Positive/Negative

Neil Rickert Well, technically, it isn't solved until a fix is officially out. But the problem seems to have been tracked down. Here's how I described the problem in an earlier ... Thoughts on computing

dmohican14 Name: Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari) Year: 2009-2010 Episodes: 13 Studio: Collaboration between AIC Spirits (Tenchi ... The Corner of the Mind

janinekristal Have you ever seen a woman on the street and just think to yourself, "OH MY GOSH...I want to be her?!"Well I've never seen Russian beauty Miroslava Duma ... Lipstick Covered Lace

marialankina HOW TO DRESS IN THE WORKPLACE AND BE STYLISH by marialankina featuring a matte finish lipstickMulberry blousemulberry.comMSGM floral long sleeve ... MARIA LANKINA

johnhkim Lately I've been gripped with the faith & passion of the Student Volunteer Movement. The more & more I engage myself in the stories of these young adults, I'm ... Back to Jerusalem

la6ue1702 If my city has more transport links to cycling tracks, I would totally do the same! Have a little adventure before the start of work and have the adrenaline pumping ... BackPack.Wander.Asia

ablightedone I am extremely appreciative to have been nominated for the Liebster Award! I think that I've been nominated four times (according to my Gmail, and I'm an email ... a blighted one

slpmartin sounds deep sighs words of regret and apology go unheard too much noise from memories being replayed and no way to rewind and erase old neuro-patterns ... Read Between the Minds

intotemptation Design darlings Rodarte have gone to the fetish side for fall winter 2013. Lots of leather, corsets, allusions to being bound and, yes, barbed wire. In principle, I ... IntoTemptation.....jewellery musings

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