Friday, December 20, 2013

Fan Art Friday: Dennis the Menace and Nasher from Beano, Melfina and Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star by Takehiko Ito , Ryoko and Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo/Universe by Hitoshi Okuda, Masaki Kajishima and

Happy Fan Art Friday Everyone I hope you've all had a great and marvellous week so far.Today I'll be showing four fan arts. All of them were created as pencil sketches then modified and changed on Photoshop. Three of the fans art drawings took me under an hour to complete. Roughly around 45 to 60 mins. I might be working a lot quicker than usual. Three of them are in a snow theme. Mostly because I love snow. These drawings were also created during the week. I yearned to finish these images earlier than later because there are a few other posts that I would love to show on this blog. Which will be either around Christmas Day and during the new year. ^^

The first Fan art is of Dennis the Menace which is part of a comic called and published by . These comics were one of the first few that I've read back in my childhood years. I'm very very surprised that it is still going. It has touched many generation since it first began and it is still ongoing. The Beano annuals that are available. I can honestly say it feel weird reading these comics again after all these year. I'm not sure when I came out of it. Also in the there many Beano comics for visitors to read. There's also a past history section of Dennis the Menace and of other Beano comics in the museum too:

Thenext fan art is of Gene Starwind and Melfina from the mangaby . The anime was created by . I've only watched the anime and I thought that it was good. I first watched this within my mid-teens. There were a couple of favourite episodes that I like as well as other episodes that have made me very laugh. What you can see here is both of these characters walking in the snow:

This fan art is of Ryoko and Tenchi from the Tenchi Muyo/Universe series. As I've mentioned in a couple of other posts, the Tenchi anime series was what bought me into anime within my late childhood years. Here you'll see Ryoko chasing Tenchi who would really like a kiss from him. Tenchi avoids this by running away from her. LOOOL!:

The last fan art for today is of Jason and Sheridan from the web-comic by . I read the web-comic in one day which was on Tuesday this week. It made me laugh a lot. So I thought I'd create a fan art for this series. I've met Mimi at the London Comic Con a couple of years ago. I bought some prints and postcards so I thought that it would be cool if I read her latest stuff. ^^As you can see here both of these characters are staring right back at the viewer. The question is what are they looking at? There is another picture that I'll be creating to go with this image. It will be post up on the 10th of January so stay tuned:

There will be more fan art next week, the next drawings will be based towards the new year. Thank you for visiting my blog and as always please leave a comment.
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